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RUssian lash training

The Russian Volume Individual Eyelash Extensions Course is designed to teach you the russian fanning technique of applying more than one ultra fine lash into a fan to create a pair of lashes of ANY thickness. You can adapt this technique to create either light volume, hybrid or thicker russian lashes. 

COST: £295 to be paid at the academy
You pay an online £50 deposit when you book and we'll deduct it from the cost on the day

This course includes a top-up kit for russian lashes*:
- Russian Lash Trays
- Fanning tweezer
- Disposable mascara brushes top up
- Micropore tape top up
- Practice sponges top up
- Eyelash gel pads top up
- Adhesive
*If you haven't already done the Dalby Classic Lash training course with us, we will provide you with the Classic Lash Starter Kit as well as your Russian Top-Up Kit

You will need to bring a model
Please arrange your model for exactly 2.5 hours after your class start time
(i.e. for a class at 10am, ask your model to arrive at 12:30)
If you struggle to find a model please email and we can source one for you

Please note that lunch is not provided, you can bring your own or there are shops nearby

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