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Lash LIFT & tint training

Our lash lift and tint training course explores the process of gently perming and dying the lashes to make lashes appear longer, darker and curled. This treatment is fast becoming the most popular trend for clients who want a low maintenance and natural look that makes their eyes look more open and bright!

TIME: 2 hours

COST: £145 to be paid at the academy
You pay an online £50 deposit when you book and we'll deduct it from the cost on the day

We have all the Lash Bomb products you will need while you're here, but if you would like to purchase your own kit to use and take home, we offer these at £60 (you can let us know when you arrive)

You will need to bring a model
Please arrange your model for exactly 1 hour after your class start time
(i.e. for a class at 10am, ask your model to arrive at 11am)
If you struggle to find a model please email and we can source one for you


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