-a £50 deposit will be taken when you book which will be deducted from the course price on the day

-this course full price is £195 or £255 if you would like to add a kit. 

- you will need a model for this course, they will not be required for the full time

If you are booking this course as part of a package deal:


1. Simply click on book online

2. Book yourself on each of the courses that make up the package

These must be reserved on the same day to ensure you qualify for the deal

(these can be totally different dates as they are one full training day each, make sure to book classic for the earliest date as this needs to be done first)


3. Job done - your discount will be applied to your bill when you come to visit the academy for your training! 

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At Dalby UK our courses are way more than a training day! This will be an amazing experience and the chance for you to network with others in the industry! You will be able to take instagram-worthy pics throughout the day and make a start on growing your business as well as your social media platform! We will help with marketing and set you off in the right direction!


Our defined brow course explores the technique of waxing, shaping and tinting the brow into a shape to fit the desire of the client. 

The training day lasts half a day and the class will be a small group of no more than 4 people to ensure that you get the maximum support and attention you need.

The course is made up of 3 parts including theory, testing and practical. Scroll to see what your training will involve!

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Theory and knowledge

First of all, you will sit in a classroom environment and learn all the vital information needed before any treatment can take place.

We use wipe boards and play games to ensure we have the best experience while learning - we always have such a good time! 

The theory will cover health and safety, contraindicstions, contra actions, the hair growth cycle, product recommendations and most importantly the step by step procedure and the understanding of why it is carried out in such a way.



Next we put our skills to the test! We will trial and mimic the techniques with a mannequin. This stage will make you fully confident before trying it out live.



Live models

When you feel absolutely confident, in the final part of the day you will be able to try out the ‘defined brow’ technique on a model.
You will have all of your notes from throughout the day and your trainers full support to help you!
We guarantee you will also get an amazing photo of your defined brows ready for your social media!

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